Ship Chandling is also one of our highly recurrent activities with a varied supply range of goods. With over 15 years experience in the field assuring prompt delivery of goods to required standards . J. C. Maritime, as a member of NCLSCA (Nigeria Customs Licensed Ship Chandler s Association), values it’s Code of Ethics and ensure that every client receives the most effective and professional services.


The company provides a wide selection of products ranging from Fresh provisions including vegetables, fruits, Dry Stores, Frozen products, Deck & Engine Stores, Cabin Stores, Electrical Stores, Fresh water, Freon, Cleaning and Chemicals products, Bonded Stores as well as refilling of Oxygen / Acetylene cylinders and also removal of sludge oil. Furthermore, we provide specialty services such as Vessel / Tank Cleaning / Fumigation, offshore Provision Supply, Catering Service, Protective Agency aiming at meeting all needs of our clients.


J.C. Maritime ensures that delivery of spare parts onboard of your vessel be it at berth, anchorage, off port limit or even miles offshore is done safely and in a timely manner even though the spares weigh a few kilograms or a couple of tons.

Some of our operations in the past have required us to deliver spares one hundred nautical miles off Nigeria. We never hesitate to walk the extra miles for our clients.

Engine and Spare Parts Range;

Turbo Charger Spares, Pump Spares, Compressor Spares, Purifier/Separator Spares, Stern Tube Seals, Deck Cranes & Machinery, Anchor & Chain, Anti – Fouling System, Safety equipment, Char t & maritime publications, Gyro compass.


Crew Change is a high recurrence, year in year out, operation type. J. C. Maritime is specially suited for this type of operations as there are daily flights to and fro Europe and Nigeria thereby greatly easing this process. Time and experience with this kind of operation has fine tuned our internal procedures for completing request such as issuing letters of guarantees and OK to boards in timely fashion.


Further, the credibility built by J. C. Maritime over the years has ensured that we have a healthy working relationship with concerned authorities thereby even further greatly facilitating the process.

Crew change can be made whether the Vessel is at berth, inner anchorage or OPL.


Along with crew change, we provide off-shore and on-shore chandling and shipping services for fleets and vessels across the globe. Goods are delivered on time and best quality assessment and scrutiny is accepted before transaction.


For delivery at anchorage or berth we ensure that prior clearance is been obtained at least 48hrs before start of supply.


When it comes to prompt delivery of petroleum products, primarily Automatic Gas Oil (AGO). Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), and Lube Oil, J.C. Maritime is second to none. We supply to your onshore, inshore and offshore offices and worksites within the shortest possible time at the cheapest prevailing market price.



Crew Change, for most of the time, also requires that adapted accommodation be provided. J. C. Maritime has established with time very good working relationships and rates with hotels of different ratings. For instance for all Captains and Pursers we use quality Nigerian hotels or Intercontinental Hotels.

For the rest of the crew we normally use good three stars rated hotels. It perfectly combines neatness with affordable tariffs.


Through the years we have established solid working relationships with Nigerian clinics. These medical institutions have state of the art technology to serve a wide range of illnesses. Our working report allows us to have first class service and immediate attention in cases of emergency.