Ship Chandling

Ship Chandling is also one of our highly recurrent activities with a varied supply range of goods. With over 15 years experience in the field assuring prompt delivery of goods to required standards .

Crew Change

Crew Change is a high recurrence, year in year out, operation type. J. C. Maritime is especially suited for this type of operations as there are daily flights to and fro Europe and Nigeria thereby greatly easing this process.

Offshore Supplies

Along with crew change, we provide off-shore and on-shore chandling and shipping services for fleets and vessels across the globe. Goods are delivered on time and best quality assessment and scrutiny is accepted before transaction.

Handling Of Spares

J. C. Maritime ensures that delivery of spare parts onboard of your vessel be it at berth, anchorage, off port limit or even miles offshore is done safely and in a timely manner even though the spares weigh a few kilograms or a couple of tons.


We shall be responsible to hire and manage qualified and experienced staff that will responsible for the kitchen (cooking and cleaning), housekeeping and laundry sections as may be required.

Catering Services

Our Premium catering programs are inspiring, from the creativity that goes into every dish we prepare, to the deep culinary knowledge of our chefs.